Fill His Love Bucket ~ 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket

Fill His Love Bucket ~ 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket is a book for men about the desires of women and how to fill the 7 desires. Phenomenal& A Practical Guide for Men to overcome challenges with the woman they love and to make love a priority in the bedroom and beyond says Bart Smith, Author of Laws of the Bedroom.

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7 Rings of Love
By Lovers for Lovers
Everything Men Know
Happy of Afraid?
Healthy Wealthy Lifeline
How Women Think
How to Understand Women
Idea Trigger
Living with Him
Love Bucket Concept
Love Bucket Guru
Love Bucket Seminar
Love Bucket Shortcuts
Love Bucket Weekly
Love Guru Lady
Love Guru Spirit
Make Your Woman Magnificent
Making Love Guru
Male Power Sexuality
Meet Live Event
More Love More Sex More Money
More Sex More Money More Love
Platinum Rule of Life
Real Life Value
Relationship Love Bucket
Sex Web Resources
The Love Seminar
Train Your Love Muscle
Trigger Attraction 
Trigger Cycle
Trigger Statement
Watch, Listen, Learn, & Initiate 
What Women Really Want
Women Men are In Love With
Women Want Heroes
Your Special Woman